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Hungry? Looking for a Meal on Wheels?

Houston Food Trucks

I love to try new food and one of the best places to get exposed to new and up/coming chefs is by dining at Food trucks.

These trucks are not your typical meals on wheels of yester-year.  They are fully equipped kitchens cranking out culinary delights every day.

In today’s “Mobile” world, there is always “an app for that”.  And there is.  I like  They have a great page for locating all the food trucks in Houston on a single map.  Click Here

Houston’s New Hot Served Meals at home Service!


Let US Do The Cooking!

Per week, the average American spends more than 5.9 hours in the kitchen cooking and cleaning, and more than 1.5 hours grocery shopping. As a result, 5.8 times a week someone buys a meal or snack from a restaurant and about 30 percent of children eat fast food on any given day.

A home-cooked meal is simply overwhelming and inconvenient for many busy American families.

That’s why we’re here to help…

Served LLC, a Houston-based company that specializes in chef-prepared, ready-to-eat meals. Our mission is to passionately combine unparalleled convenience and service with a top-notch culinary experience to deliver a soul-satisfying meal to everyone.

We know that there are thousands of options for you to choose from for dinner; whether it’s restaurants, or other subscription based meal kits. Those are great! If you value convenience, love the heart put into a home-cooked meal and just need more hours in your day, then Served is for you. We think there’s a better way to approach meal preparation and that’s what we want to provide you.

Foodie Queen of Houston


Cleverley Stone

You can not be a Foodie in Houston and not follow Cleverley Stone’s shows and online news for Houston Foodies.

She has been covering food in Houston before it was cool!  Little hot food pun there.

Check Out her Facebook Page .  She also guides and contributes to the Foodie Facebook page.  Her TV and radio shows are informative and will introduce you to a wide variety of Houston’s great dining experiences.

Be sure to tune into her radio show on Saturday.  You can win dining cards and more from the local restaurants she highlights.

If it is edible and in Houston, Cleverley has covered it!